alfaview® Universities

up to 100 simultaneously with video and additionally up to 250 participants in spectator mode
University packages can be booked from 50 rooms upwards. 
In case of a one-year subscription in this plan, you pay 6.90€ per room month. For 50 rooms, that is in total  4.140€ per year.
In case of a two-year subscription, you only pay 5.52€ per room month, that is in total 3.312€ per year.
In case of a three-year subscription, you only pay 4.42€ per room per month, that is in total 2.650€ per year.
  • The invoice is issued at the beginning of the service. The payment is due 14 days after the invoice is issued.
  • The prices listed are net prices and subject to the statutory value added tax.
  • The license to alfaview services is limited to the customer. It is not transferable or sublicensable. For further information, please refer to our General terms and conditions.
  • Existing customers can upgrade to the new plans at any time. The term will then start anew. The amount of the remaining term of the old plan will be offset to your benefit. As we have reduced the prices considerably, the remaining amount may be higher than the new plan. In this case, we recommend taking the longer term. A refund is not possible.

Features included in this plan:

Screen sharing for all users
Integrated chat
Toolbox for the integration of 
collaborative applications
(e.g. whiteboard, survey, etc.)
Simultaneous transmission of two camera images of one person
Simultaneous interpreting feature
Unlimited number of guestlinks
User and room administration
Moderator feature for an unlimited number of hosts
Adaption to the bandwith usage
User interface in various languages
Unlimited duration of online meetings
Light and dark mode available
API for the connection to third-party software

Optional features:

Live transcription
Live translation