Karlsruhe, 22 March 2021

Remote work for a better work-life balance

Many professionals want to continue working remotely at least occasionally even after the pandemic

This image shows a woman working from home at her computer. The screen shows alfaview.
Many professionals experience working from home as an improvement in their quality of life. Source: Shutterstock.com, edited by alfaview gmbh
Traffic jams or overcrowded trains on the way to work have been a thing of the past for many people since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of employees have been working from home since then and would like to continue working remotely at least from time to time. In addition to preventing infections, the home office offers many other advantages that make working life easier. In a survey by FlexJobs 73% of more than 4000 respondents stated that working from home improved their work-life balance. As reasons they indicated more time with their family, more time with their partner and the ability to take care of their pet(s). The time won by not having to commute has made workers happier, more productive employees.

Video conferencing systems ensure smooth communication

Niko Fostiropoulos, founder and CEO of the German education company alfatraining Bildungszentrum GmbH says that his employees working remotely save lifetime. For over ten years, alfatraining has been using its own alfaview® video conferencing tool for its trainings as well as its internal communication: “You see each other as if you sat opposite each other,” says Fostiropoulos. The video conferencing tool creates a virtual open-plan office that is accessible everywhere and that allows smooth communication among the team. The employees can thus decide flexibly whether to work in their home office or in their office on site. Even though they win time with their loved ones, some employees miss the social contacts and clear boundaries between work and private life. Flexible work options might help with that.


Press release: Remote work for a better work-life balance
22 March 2021
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