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alfaview® success stories – alfatraining®

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Since 2010, the education center alfatraining® has been offering labor-market-relevant qualifications via the video conferencing system alfaview®. 40,000 course participants have already been qualified successfully in more than 200 different course modules.

Courses offered via alfaview®

CAD 2D/3D mechanical engineering/automotive, architecture & real estate management, media & design, general business courses, web design & web programming, SAP® ERP user and consultant, programmable controlling (PLC), automation technology, editing & online marketing, human resources & management, network administration, programming & software development, IT management, logistics, hospitality management, quality management, marketing & customer management, healthcare management, ECDL, project management, languages and job application management.

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Niko Fostiropoulos
Managing Director alfatraining®:

alfatraining® has been able to successfully conduct more than 99,000 course modules via alfaview® since 2010. With alfaview®, course participants are able to take part in training courses either at a local education center or accessibly from home.

With the development and implementation of alfaview®, alfatraining® has been able to become one of the leading providers of continuing education courses in Germany. Furthermore, both the effective application of alfaview® in the education portfolio and its use for internal company communications have resulted in a clear competitive advantage and an overall optimization of internal processes.