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alfaview® success stories – SAP EDUCATION

SAP EDUCATION uses alfaview® for business trainings

SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG has been offering its own training courses with the video conferencing system alfaview® since March 2016.

The new training concept via alfaview® allows SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG to offer its seminars independently of the location of the course participants. The course participants are able to take part in professional online trainings via video technology without having to travel long distances or generate high travel expenses.

Timo Schütte, Global Vice President COE Delivery Education
at SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG

The video conferencing solution alfaview® provides unique face-to-face conferences and training possibilities. Therefore, SAP has decided to deploy the product alfaview® for the entire market of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The benefit of alfaview® is the following: All participants of a course are able to see and hear each other and to work together interactively within the virtual classroom.

Furthermore, our clients are now able to conveniently participate in meetings or seminars from home or from their workplaces. Our clients benefit from a professional learning environment within alfaview® that enables a high learning success.