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Terms of Use

Guidelines for the Use of alfatraining Services

  1. The virtual conference rooms provided by alfatraining, the underlying software and the Application provided for the purpose of downloading and installation (together the “Services”), shall only be used in compliance with these guidelines (the “Guidelines”). Should there be any conflicts between these guidelines for the use of alfatraining-Services and the terms and conditions agreed between customer and alfatraining; such agreed conditions shall prevail on these Guidelines.
  2. These guidelines shall apply for any person using the Services including the contractual partners of alfatraining (the “Customers”) as well as any third party accessing the Services upon a Customers’ invitation (the “Participant”). The Customer shall inform any Participant about these Guidelines and their content.
  3. alfatraining reserves the right to modify these Guidelines at any time. The Customer and the Participants shall assess alfatraining’s website for modifications on a regular basis.
  4. Neither shall any Customer use nor have or undertake to have used the Services for any of the following purposes and shall undertake to impose such obligation to each and all Participants:
    1. fraudulent or any other unlawful activities or the prompting of such, in breach of applicable law;
    2. impairment or presumption of intellectual property rights, e.g. copyrights, trademarks, licenses or property rights for lawful content;
    3. use, store, release, host, copy, distribute, display, send or transmit content, which can be understood as offense, agitation, incitement of hatred, defamation, discrimination, breach of privacy, desparaging of a world-view or is detrimental for others, or could be held obnoxious in other ways;
    4. access to computers or communication networks or software applications owned by others without permission of the entitled person including denial of service (DoS), unauthorized surveillance or crawling or spreading Malware (e.g. viruses, Trojans, ransomware, time bombs, spyware, adware or canclebots);
    5. distribution of unwanted, unasked or abusive emails or other messages, commercial activities, advertisements or claims (“spam”);
    6. alteration, falsification, disguise of email-topics or taking on the identity of the sender, without such sender’s express authorisation;
    7. impair safety precautions of alfatraining.
  5. alfatraining may, but shall have no obligation to monitor and investigate any breach of these Guidelines. Each breach of these Guidelines shall be deemed a substantial breach of the agreed Terms of Use granting the Customer to use the Services. In case of breach, therefore, alfatraining may especially, without limitation, take, the following measures within alfatraining’s sole discretion:
    1. issue warnings in written form;
    2. terminate the of provision of the Services to the Customer temporary or permanently;
    3. assert any costs resulting from the breach including adequate costs of legal enforcement;
    4. initiate or implement further legal measures against the Customer in breach and/or
    5. disclose any information to law enforcement authorities in alfatraining’s reasonable discretion.
    alfatraining shall not presume any liability for measures taken in reaction to a breach of these Guidelines.