Video Conferencing Systems

High quality audio video conferencing
For professional online meetings and live classes
200+ participant videos
500 spectators
alfaview® allows 20, 50, 100, 200 or more people to see each other and communicate in a video conference. Up to 500 people can participate in the spectator mode. alfaview® stands for stability and high quality.
Live & synchronous
As a high tech video conferencing solution, alfaview® can be used for professional business meetings as well as live online classes or virtual events. With alfaview® all users are connected live, synchronous, in high quality without noticable latencies.
Easy to use
Thanks to its clear design and user-friendly functionality, the alfaview® video conferencing software is self-explanatory, intuitive and fatigue-free to use .

alfaview® videos

Online meetings
with alfaview®
Screen sharing
in alfaview®
Simultaneous interpreting feature
in alfaview®
with alfaview®

alfaview® clients

alfaview® data protection

The Data Protection and Freedom of Information Commissioner of the State of Berlin confirms that alfaview®. In February 2021, the data protection authority has once again conducted an audit of various video conferencing providers.

The audit recognises alfaview® as one of few providers with the maximum of four green lights. Both on the legal and on the technical level, alfaview® was able to score green lights.
  • Connect your company across locations
  • Integrate external employees and business customers into a virtual face-to-face conference
  • Train your employees from their workplace
  • Achieve your project goals fast through direct communication channels
  • Reduce travel expenses and optimise processes in your company
  • Recruit specialist personnel via video conferencing technology 
  • Professional live classes via video conferencing technology
  • Audiovisual online seminar rooms with realtime videos of all participants
  • Barrier-free participation from home
  • Implement fully digitised and transregional courses
  • Connect all your course participants
  • Location-independent customer base 

The next generation of face-to-face online courses

Since 2005, the education center alfatraining® has been offering labor-market-relevant qualifications. Since 2010 the cources are conducted via the video conferencing system alfaview®. Over 75,000 course participants have already been qualified successfully in more than 200,000 course modules.

Test without registration

Step 1: install alfaview®

alfaview® can be installed without administrator rights on any modern computer running Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux.

Step 2: join a test room

In order to test alfaview without registration or without a user account, visit our public test rooms. The test rooms can be accessed freely by all interested parties. We therefore recommend to use a pseudonym when entering the virtual room. Please note that there are no alfaview support staff® in the test rooms.
Notes regarding the transcription and translation features.
Test room 1
without live transcription
Test room 2
with live transcription in German and
live translation to Englisch and French
Test room 3
with live transcription in English and
live translation to Spanish, Chinese
und Russian