Video Conferencing Systems

High quality audio video conferencing
For professional online meetings and live classes
200+ participant videos
alfaview® facilitates video conferences for 20, 50, 100, 200 or more people. In the virtual room, all of them are simultaneously transmitted worldwide with video and audio.
Live & synchronous
As a high tech video conferencing solution, alfaview® can be used for professional business meetings as well as live online classes or virtual events. With this innovative technology all participants are connected live, synchronous and in high quality.
Easy to use
Thanks to its clear design and user-friendly functionality, the alfaview® video conferencing software is self-explanatory, intuitive and fatigue-free to use .
  • Connect your company across locations
  • Integrate external employees and business customers into a virtual face-to-face conference
  • Train your employees from their workplace
  • Achieve your project goals fast through direct communication channels
  • Reduce travel expenses and optimise processes in your company
  • Recruit specialist personnel via video conferencing technology 
  • Professional live classes via video conferencing technology
  • Audiovisual online seminar rooms with realtime videos of all participants
  • Barrier-free participation from home
  • Implement fully digitised and transregional courses
  • Connect all your course participants
  • Location-independent customer base 

The next generation of face-to-face online courses

Since 2010, the education center alfatraining® has been offering labor-market-relevant qualifications via the video conferencing system alfaview®. 60,000 course participants have already been qualified successfully in more than 200 different course modules.

Test without registration

Step 1: install alfaview®

alfaview® can be installed without administrator rights on any modern computer running Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux.

Step 2: join a test room

In order to test alfaview without registration or without a user account, visit our public test rooms.

More than 20.000 institutions and over 1.000.000 users
currently use the GDPR-compliant video conferencing software alfaview®.

You will find a small selection of our customers
and an extract of reference projects here.