My digital business

Your virtual office – work successfully online and hybrid. Work new with alfaview.

My digital business

Your virtual office – work successfully online and hybrid. Work new with alfaview.

Your virtual workplace

Free yourself from the idea of an office building as a workplace – with alfaview your company is available to you anytime and anyplace. Whether you work in an office, hybrid, or from home, in alfaview you work together productively in one collaborative venue. Confidential one-on-one conversations, teamwork, and meetings with people outside your company can be conducted securely and easily with alfaview.

Digitalize your offices

Build your own virtual company structure. If needed, you can flexibly book additional rooms. Using browser access, guests can also attend meetings in alfaview quickly and easily. alfaview is the ideal solution for internal and external corporate communication.

Communicate in a protected and secure setting

All conversations you have with your customers in your alfaview rooms are protected and kept confidential. Only the people you give access to your rooms can enter them.
Discover the full range of features for corporate communications with alfaview.
What our clients say
German Aerospace Center
Daniele Cerra, Research Fellow, DLR
„We usually gather in a single location of the globe to discuss several aspects of life all around our planet. As the pandemic made this impossible, alfaview allowed us to successfully reverse our point of view, focussing on a specific instrument in space from all around the world instead.“
Timo Schütte, Global Vice President SAP Product Learning
"The alfaview video conferencing solution offers unique face-to-face conferencing and training, so we, as a company, have decided to use alfaview for our Education Division as well. The advantage of alfaview is that all participants in a training course can see, hear, and interact with each other in the digital classroom. In addition, our customers can now participate in the meeting or training course from the comfort of their own home or workplace. Our clientele benefits from a professional learning environment in alfaview that produces a high level of learning success. And best of all, alfaview was developed in Germany and is GDPR-compliant."
Bentley InnoMed GmbH
Kerstin Stotz, Communication & Event Coordinator
"For the first time, we held our annual Bentley Global Sales Meeting completely virtually with alfaview. The results also impressed the participants: The combination of interaction and presentation, show and reflection, information and entertainment flickered across the screens of more than 200 participants in 62 countries worldwide. alfaview was very user-friendly and easy to navigate for the participants of the event."

Your virtual company

The organizational and room structure of your company can be reproduced virtually with alfaview just like in a building. This results in an intuitive navigational structure with departments and rooms, enabling smooth transitions between working at the office, from on-the-go, and from home.

Your individual company structure

The alfaview rooms are continuously available. You can define as many hosts as you need for each of your rooms, so events or meetings can be managed by more than one person at the same time.

The room list shows the number and names of the people who are already in the room. You can easily switch between rooms by clicking on the room name.

Use up to 50 breakout rooms

Each alfaview room contains 50 groups that can be used in parallel as breakout rooms for confidential talks or working in small teams, and renamed as desired.

Using the list of participants, you can see who is in which breakout room at any time.
User-friendly & intuitive communication
Our high image quality ensures that the facial expressions and gestures of the participants are recognizable even in large meetings. With alfaview there is no video conference fatigue, because communication in the virtual space is no different from communication in person. With its clear design and user-friendly features, alfaview is self-explanatory and intuitive to use.

alfaview runs on all common platforms and operating systems as well as on mobile devices.

Maximum performance with maximum data protection and privacy

Data protection and privacy is the top priority for alfaview. Especially in a corporate setting, when sensitive company data is involved, no compromises can be made when it comes to data protection. Your employees’ personal data is also safe with alfaview.

alfaview offers numerous security features you can use to ensure the security of your everyday work. Invitation links can be personalized and provided with a start and end date and time. Using various, individually assignable permission groups, you can define who is granted access to which rooms and which permissions the respective individuals have within these rooms.

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