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This image shows a screenshot of the alfaview application with the sidebar showing live transcription of what is being said in the room.

How bad are video conferences for our climate?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, video conferencing has become an essential part of everyday working life. Reports about their climate-damaging effects are increasingly circulating in the media – they are, however, misleading.
This image shows a health seminar at the alfaview headquarters. The instructor is showing excercices in front of a large screen, the employees repeat the exercices in their home offices.

Remaining fit at work

Health management is a major priority at the video conferencing company alfaview® and the educational company alfatraining. The whole team regularly regularly participates in health-related seminars. The latest course of the series put a focus on a “Healthy back at work” in order to create a more dynamic day at work or in the home office.
This image shows 12 people in an alfaview room and the sidebar with the room list

How to alleviate Zoom fatigue

As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of video conferences has increased over the past few months. Besides the undeniable advantages of online meetings, however, many users of virtual communication platforms notice a certain exhaustion and fatigue that is currently circulating in the media with the label "zoom fatigue".