Excellent data protection with alfaview®

100% GDPR-compliant – verified by various data protection authorities

In its review of various video conferencing providers, Berlin’s Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information singles out alfaview® as one of the few providers earning the maximum number of four green traffic lights. The State Commissioner of Baden-Württemberg for Data Protection and Freedom of Information also lists alfaview® as one of the few data protection-compliant video conferencing providers in its guide.
  • all data centers are located & have their headquarters in Germany, non-EU transfers are contractually excluded
  • all data centers are certified under ISO 27001
  • data, data transport & server hard drives are encrypted in accordance with the current recommendations (TLS/AES256) issued by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
  • The content of a video conference (audio and video streams, chat messages, screen shares, live transcription & live translation) is not stored or shared by alfaview®. Third parties outside the alfaview® room therefore have no access to the content.

Data protection and privacy is a standard for us

Before you enter the alfaview® room, you will be asked to define the audio and video settings. At this point, you can specify which camera, microphone, and speaker you want to use. You can also enter the alfaview® room with the camera off.

When entering the room, the screen sharing and microphone are deactivated by default for all participants.

Participants can activate their microphone and camera themselves at any time during the online meeting.

If a person has deactivated their camera and microphone, only they can reactivate them.

In alfaview®, moderators have the possibility to assign certain permissions (camera, microphone, screen sharing) to participants and revoke them as well.

Moderators can revoke the permission of participants to use their camera and stream their video image. When the camera is given permission again, no consent is required from the person.

Moderators can revoke the permission of participants to use their microphone. When permission is given to use the microphone again, the participants must turn on the microphone themselves. Moderators cannot activate a microphone that has been turned off.

Moderators can revoke the permission of participants to share their screen. When permission is given to share the screen again, the participants must restart the screen sharing themselves. Moderators cannot restart screen sharing.

It is not possible to enter the alfaview® room secretly. If spectators are invited to an online meeting, they will be announced with an acoustic signal when entering the room. In addition, a red eye icon shows how many spectators are currently in the room.

Private instant messages can only be read by the recipient. Group chat messages are only visible to participants for the duration of their stay in the room.

Details on data protection and privacy

  • alfaview® only collects the personal data that is absolutely necessary to provide the video conferencing software. This is:
    • name
    • email address
    • employer (if used in a business setting)
  • If used privately, alfaview® is the controller for the data processing. The data protection and privacy policy of alfaview® can be viewed at any time.
  • If used for business purposes, the hosts of the video conference are the controllers for the data processing. In this case, the controllers can store their own data protection policy in their respective client area. The policy must be accepted by each participant before entering an alfaview® room.
  • alfaview® only grants access to data to those entities that require access for the provision of alfaview®. The relevant data centers, hosting and support service providers can be found in the DPA.