My digital campus

School classes, university lectures or professional development courses – online and hybrid learning are possible with alfaview

My digital campus

School classes, university lectures or professional development courses – online and hybrid learning are possible with alfaview

Learning wherever you are

With alfaview you can teach your current lesson plans as online or hybrid classes, exactly the same way as you would in person. Participants and instructors can use alfaview to attend classes live and accessibly either in-person, on the go, or from home.

Virtual classrooms

The design of a room structure makes it easy to assign class participants to the respective virtual classrooms. The rooms are open around the clock, so that participants can meet even after class has ended. You can use your alfaview rooms flexibly, not just for teaching, but also for information events or parent-teacher conferences, for example.

VIP highlighting

Present teachers and lecturers as VIPs on top and in a larger view. Participants can pop-out the VIP’s image and view it on a separate screen. Participants can raise their hands virtually when they have questions or comments.
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What our clients say
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Dr. Ing. Sebastian Stüker - Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics
"We work closely with international research groups located all over the world. alfaview gives us the opportunity to communicate and complete projects across locations, efficiently and face-to-face with our international partners."
Pforzheim University
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Drath - Professorship for Mechatronic System Engineering, School of Engineering
"We use alfaview for one simple reason: It works, even for people who are not very technical. Simplicity is a crucial prerequisite for new digital teaching methods, it increases acceptance. We use alfaview as internet offices, virtual labs, virtual lecture halls, for discussions with students and colleagues – it is a huge help in tightly packed schedules."

"With more than 100 participants and 20 speakers in 18 workshops, the first statewide Language Day of our Adult Education Association (VHS) held online with alfaview was a motivating experience. The reproduction of our “Language Day building” with 22 workspaces for learning and sharing succeeded brilliantly with alfaview! The preparations and onboarding were supported by the alfaview team in a competent and friendly manner. We appreciate this service very much. The video and sound quality was consistently reliable – despite the large number of participants, even from remote regions!"
alfatraining Bildungszentrum GmbH
Nicole Tuchscheerer - course participant
"As a hearing-impaired person, I participated in some Adobe courses through alfaview. With live transcription, I was able to follow the instructor very well and interact with other participants in the course. I was the first hearing-impaired person to take courses with live transcription and I can truly recommend it. With a very good conscience."
Schweizerisches Institut für Unternehmerschulung (SIU)
Reto Schneider - Member of Management
"Four years ago, the SIU started with its high-voltage learning approach, which is a revolutionary combination of learning methods that ideally combines the previous learning methods of in-person face-to-face teaching with distance learning. This teaching method comprises an ideal blend of face-to-face teaching, online teaching with alfaview, and learning videos. This enables us to offer our students close, personal support and at the same time a high degree of flexibility in terms of time and location. High-voltage learning enables people who are willing to learn to successfully complete advanced training, even under high professional and private pressure."

Your virtual campus

The organizational and room structure of your educational institution can be reproduced virtually with alfaview just like in a building. This results in an unlimited number of navigation levels with departments and rooms. Smooth transitions between learning at home and on campus are made possible.

Your individual university

The alfaview rooms are continuously available. Instructors have control over their own virtual lecture halls and classrooms.

Any number of hosts can be defined for every room, so classes can be taught by more than one person at the same time.

The room list shows the number and names of the people who are already in the room. You can easily switch between rooms by clicking on the room name.

Use up to 50 breakout rooms

Each alfaview room contains 50 groups that can be used in parallel as breakout rooms and renamed as desired.

Using the list of participants, you can see who is in which breakout room at any time or export an attendance list of all participants.
Intuitive communication for a shared learning experience
It doesn’t matter whether you have small classes or huge lectures – with alfaview the video images of all participants are visible simultaneously. Our high image quality ensures that facial expressions and gestures are recognizable even in large meetings. With alfaview there is no video conference fatigue, because communication in the virtual space is no different from communication in person.

Digital teaching – easy, secure and GDPR-compliant

Data protection and privacy is the top priority for alfaview. The protection of personal data is particularly important in educational settings, especially with regard to children and adolescents. alfaview is 100% GDPR-compliant and is listed as a secure video conferencing tool by various data protection authorities.

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