alfaview® for education

School education, lectures or advanced training - digital and combined learning with alfaview®.

Learning from anywhere

Whether university lectures, software training, management qualifications or language courses - via alfaview® you can offer your own training courses as virtual face-to-face seminars. You can connect your customers across locations as part of your own seminar offering in an alfaview® classroom and teach them live. Participants can use alfaview® to attend the training course from their workplace or from home.

As part of education via alfaview®, all course participants see each other live on the video stream and can work together on interactive projects in an accessible, real-time dialogue.
Live Online Training mit alfaview von zuhause aus. Präsentation der Live - Transkription

Accessible digital education

alfaview® offers new options concerning barrier-free education. For the deaf, for example, you can add a sign language interpreter to your training course.

With the live transcription and live translation in almost all languages of the world, people with hearing impairments and people from different countries can participate in your online training courses and events without barriers.
15 Personen in einem Online Meeting mit alfaview

Your benefits

Multimedia networking via video technology eliminates the regional limitation of course participation and provides you with a customer base independent of geographical location.

Bundling the participants globally in alfaview® allows you to organise your own seminars more efficiently, make your course portfolio available worldwide and your customers can participate in the course from home without any restrictions.

With alfaview® it is irrelevant where your customers or lecturers are currently located. Video technology enables you to acquire the most qualified lecturers for your seminars worldwide and to expand your customer base through a pan-regional presence.

The next generation of face-to-face online courses

Since 2005, the education centre alfatraining® has been offering labour-market-relevant qualifications. Since 2010 the courses are conducted via the alfaview® video conferencing system. Over 75,000 course participants have already been qualified successfully in more than 200,000 course modules.