alfaview® features at a glance

Screen sharing
Share either your entire screen or a specific section of your screen. alfaview® allows as many screen shares as you want at the same time.
Group chat
Exchange information in writing with the other participants of your online meeting or event using the chat.
Personal short message
In the personal chat, you can send short messages to individual persons. You can also use this feature to indicate to the speaker that you have a question.
Integrate your tools for collaborative work, e.g. a whiteboard, a survey or voting tool or a web link to your company's intranet.
Develop content and visualisations on your virtual whiteboard together with your colleagues. You can download your work results at the end.
Second camera
Transmit two videos of one person at the same time with the second camera. In this way, you can visualise a whiteboard or a technical presentation on a large scale.
Guest links
To invite specific people to your meeting, send them a personalised guest link. Your guests do not need their own alfaview® account.
Group links
Invite as many participants as you like to your video conference. Set up a start time and an end time for the public guest link.
Moderator features
Assign moderator rights to any number of users. These users have additional features at their disposal to manage the meeting.
Multiple instances
Enter two or more alfaview® rooms at the same time to reach a larger number of people or various groups with different room authorizations.
Attendance list
You want to know who attended your event? Simply copy the attendance list of your alfaview® room.
Take a break
If you want to leave your desk briefly during an online meeting, you can take a break by clicking the corresponding button. Your video image will not be transmitted during this time.
Live transcription
Book the optional live transcription of the spoken word in the virtual room to facilitate accessible communication.
Live translation
Book the optional live translation and have the transcription translated live for international participants into almost all languages of the world.
Simultaneous interpreting
Overcome language barriers by having the spoken word translated live into the desired languages by simultaneous interpreters.
Integrate alfaview® easily into your existing corporate infrastructure with our API.
Adaption to the bandwidth
Participate in your online meeting or event even with a poor internet connection. alfaview® is stable even with low bandwidth.
Unlimited duration
Hold your meetings and events without time pressure. Your alfaview® rooms are available to you around the clock, seven days a week.
Revoke access permission
Moderators can exclude participants who disrupt the meeting from the alfaview® room for 12 hours using the "Remove from this room" feature. They can also completely revoke these persons' permission to access the room in question.
Breakout rooms 
You can use 50 parallel breakout rooms in each alfaview® room. This is the perfect place for small learning groups or joint matchmaking between participants during a trade fair or conference.
Rename breakout rooms
You can rename the breakout rooms individually according to your needs. For example, you can divide your alfaview® room "Accounting" into breakout rooms named " Taxes", "Controlling" and "Team Meeting".
You can contact the alfaview® team by phone, via the contact form or by email. Visit to find out more for yourself. In addition, we have a large number of video tutorials available for you.

alfaview® videos

alfaview Screenshot mit 67 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern
Online meetings
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Screen Sharing with alfaview
Screen sharing
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Simultandolmetscherfunktion in alfaview
Simultaneous interpreting feature
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alfaview® tutorials

Download and installation
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Guest Link
Enter room
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Live Transcription
Enter room
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