Karlsruhe, 11 February 2021

Online concert via alfaview® – Ullmann&Rehmann virtual and live in concert

Virtuelles Konzert mit alfaview
Virtual live concert with alfaview® and Ullmann&Rehmann

Virtual concert with alfaview® Video Conferencing Systems, alfatraining and Ullmann&Rehmann

Jan Ullmann and Felix Rehmann already have some experience with online concerts. In contrast to the live streams that have become quite popular on social media, however, the concerts they played on 30 and 31 January 2021 allowed them to interact with the audience by connecting them live to the audience using the alfaview® video conferencing software. This way, they were able to take the audience with them with their handmade, honest music, with groove and catchy tunes, and to treat them with a little break from the monotonous everyday life during the coronavirus pandemic.

Create an interactive experience

“What is most important is that we can laugh and communicate with each other during the event”, says alfaview® CEO Niko Fostiropoulos, who makes available his platforms alfaview.com and alfatraining.com for free, in order to create virtual cultural experiences. In spring 2020, artists have already performed a stage play via alfaview®. 100 % of the revenues go to the artists.

Cultural sector is particularly affected by the coronavirus crisis

A recent study conducted in France shows that hardly any other economic sector in Europe has been hit as hard by the coronavirus crisis as the cultural sector. The stage arts in particular are struggling with the pandemic-related restrictions. Online concerts are one way for musicians to pursue their profession even though events currently cannot take place.

alfaview® and alfatraining offer all interested cultural institutions to also make their events available as digital live events via the online platform alfatraining.com.

Learn more at www.alfatraining.com and www.alfaview.com.


Press release: Online concert via alfaview® – Ullmann&Rehmann virtual and live in concert
11 February 2021
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Image: Online concert via alfaview®
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