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More than 20,000 institutions and over 1,000,000 users
currently use the GDPR-compliant video conferencing software alfaview®.

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Cities & nonprofit organisations
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Pforzheim University

DHBW Karlsruhe 

University of Applied Sciences Lucerne

Università delle LiberEtà del FVG

EDU Faculty of Medicine and Health

The Indian Public School

Untoma Oxford School 

Furtwangen University

DHBW Ravensburg

Höhere Fachschule für Außenwirtschaft

University of the Peloponnese

Taruna Nusantara High School

SAI International School

Limuru International School

Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart 

Catholic University of Applied Sciences Freiburg

University of Innsbruck

Yonkers High School
-New York, USA-

Machadinho Escola

St. Agnes Brainy School

Modern Vision Language School

"We use alfaview for one simple reason: it simply works, even for
non-technicians. For new digital teaching methods, simplicity is essential
because it increases acceptance. We use alfaview to serve as Internet offices,
virtual labs, virtual lecture halls and for discussions with students and
colleagues. It’s a great relief when dealing with tight schedules."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Drath, Professor
Professor for Mechatronics Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim



Freiherr vom Stein Realschule

Gymnasium Herzogenaurach

Carl Friedrich Gauss Gymnasium


Freie Aktive Schule Karlsruhe

Theodor Heuss Gymnasium 

Grundschule Wöschbach 

Alianza Canadiense
-Cartagena, C

The "alfaview" program has created an option that is more stable than the "BigBlueButton" system, which is offered by the state. alfaview is easy for students to use and complies with data protection guidelines."
Anja Kaiser, Director of the Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Gymnasium
quoted from an online article of the Mannheimer Morgen of 25.06.2020

Cities, municipalities, public institutions and nonprofit organisations

City of Karlsruhe


Fan Projekt AWO München

International Theater Institute Germany

City of Gütersloh

Start-up BW Young Talents

Kommunale Kinos - Bundesverband kommunale Filmarbeit e.V.

National Agency
for Political Education

County of

Freiwillige Notfallhilfe e.V.

Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Pforzheim

Lawyers Association Karlsruhe e.V.

"We train volunteer helpers in disaster control. We are now happy to carry out theoretical parts of the training with alfaview. The great thing about alfaview is that it is very easy for our lecturers and course participants to use. The user interface is also intuitive, lean and has everything you need for training. What began as an emergency solution during the Corona crisis has proven itself for long-term use".
Ingo Vigneron, managing director
PSNV Akademie, Freiwillige Notfallhilfe e. V.


alfatraining Bildungszentrum GmbH

ALLPLAN Deutschland GmbH


CASE enterprises GmbH

Karlsruhe Tourism GmbH

Fonds Finanz Maklerservice GmbH

Technica GmbH

GALLTEC Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH


ORCA Software GmbH

Avista ERP Software GmbH & Co. KG


"As someone who’s hearing impaired, I’ve taken part in a number of
Adobe courses via alfaview. Thanks to the Live Transcriber, I was able to
follow the instructor really well and talk with other participants in the course.
I was the first hearing impaired person to do courses with the Live
Transcriber, and I can highly recommend it. 100%!"

Nicole Tuchscheerer
Course participant, alfatraining Bildungszentrum GmbH

Extract of reference projects

2020 national final of  JUGEND GRÜNDET via alfaview®
Digital teaching at Pforzheim University via alfaview®
INTERGEO digital via alfaview®:
three-day virtual exhibition with 12,000 participants
2020 state final of Start-up BW Young Talents via alfaview®
alfatraining: The next generation of face-to-face online courses via alfaview®