alfaview® Videos

Online meetings with alfaview®

With alfaview®, 20, 50, 100, 200 or more people simultaneously, alfaview stayslip-synchroneous. It connects people through image and sound in high quality - stable and without disconnections, around the clock. Larger meetings can be conducted using the alfaview® spectator mode.

For lectures or meetings, speakers or other participants can be defined as VIPs. They are then displayed in a large tile, participants are displayed proportionally smaller.

Screen sharing in alfaview®

Via the button "Screen sharing" you can show either your entire screen or only a certain region to friends or colleagues. You can see that the screen sharing has started by the changing colour of the window from blue to red.

Simultaneous screen sharing is not limited to one person: alfaview® supports any number of screen sharings simultaneously. Participants can switch between the shared screen contents with a single mouse click.

Second camera in alfaview®

Use the second camera in alfaview®  to show e.g. the content of a whiteboard or to better visualise a technical representation.

With the second camera, you can transmit two videos of one person simultaneously, for example from different perspectives. That way, you can show the virtual participants of hybrid events physical discussion rounds. Likewise, speakers can transmit their own camera image in large format.

Simultaneous interpreting feature in alfaview®

With alfaview® any number of simultaneous interpreters can translate the spoken word live into the desired language. With the click on one single button, you can listen to the speaker in English, Spanish, French or another language. The interpreter can choose whether to use the original or another interpretation as the source text and can therefore interpret indirectly (relay interpreting).

With our live transcription and live translation in almost all languages of the world, people with hearing impairments and people from different countries can also participate in online meetings without barriers.

Teaching with alfaview®

With alfaview®, lessons take place at home, just like in school. The only difference: school is virtual and lip-synced, with high-quality personal videos. First lesson Maths, second lesson Biology, third lessonChemistry – all pupils can participate live and actively in all lessons, ask questions, work in small groups and give presentations. 

alfaview® is intuitive, user-friendly and fatigue-free. It takes only a few minutes to learn how to use it. Teachers who are part of a  risk group can teach from home without the risk of infection and without changing their teaching concept.