Video Conferencing Systems

Professional online conferences
and live training

100+ participant videos

In the alfaview® live conference suites, 100 or more people worldwide can be connected and transmitted in real-time with video and audio.


As an in-sync, high-tech solution, alfaview® can be used for both professional business meetings and online classroom teaching.


The clear design and user-friendly range of functions make the software self-explanatory and intuitive for users.

for educational institutions

  • Professional face-to-face lessons with video technology
  • Audiovisual online seminar room with real-time videos of all students
  • Barrier-free participation from home
  • Implementation of a fully digitized and transregional course offer
  • Location-independent customer base
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for companies

  • Cross-site overall networking of the company with video technology
  • Integration of external employees and business customers into a virtual face-to-face conference
  • Flexible training of your employees from the workplace
  • Reduction of travel expenses and optimization of processes in the company
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SAP EDUCATION uses alfaview® for business trainings

SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG has been offering its own training courses with the video conferencing system alfaview® since March 2016. The new training concept via alfaview® allows SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG to offer its seminars independently of the location of the course participants.

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alfatraining and SAP Germany present alfaview®
Classroom teaching with next generation video technology
CeBIT 2015: alfatraining and BITMi in an interview
Pilot with the german college "Duale Hochschule"