Our mission statement – our values

our company

alfaview stands for accessible, democratic, and emancipative communication that overcomes distances – in both the literal and figurative sense: language barriers, geographical distances, and disability-related obstacles become insignificant, as our video conferencing software offers an inclusive and intuitive approach to communication.
We are also firmly convinced that we cannot make any compromises when it comes to data protection in digital communication – our standards not only meet the requirements of the GDPR, they even exceed them. Our ISO 27001 certification confirms our responsible handling of information and the high security and quality levels of our business processes.
Our company’s headquarters are located in Karlsruhe, Germany, and our developers from all over Germany and Europe are connected by alfaview. With our innovative developments, we are playing an active role in advancing Europe’s digital autonomy and fostering new digital and hybrid approaches to work: alfaview as a virtual office enables friendly collaboration and a flexible approach to work, both from home and in person at our offices. Business trips and long commutes become obsolete – so we are not only saving valuable time in our lives, we are protecting the climate as well.
We believe equitable and productive communication form the foundation for society to continue to develop in a successful and peaceable manner. This conviction motivates us to continue working every day to make communication intuitive, stable, inclusive, and secure, no matter the distance.