Release notes

alfaview Administration
  • You can now secure your account with a second factor.
    • The two-factor authentication can be enabled in the advanced profile section of the administration web page.
    • You need the alfaview Client Version 9.2.0 or higher to login if two-factor authentication is enabled for your account.
Version 9.2.0
  • Improved performance, usability, and stability of the application.
Version 9.1.0
  • Resolved an issue where it was not possible to open the context dialog for scheduled meetings in the home screen.
  • Resolved an issue in the home screen where meetings information was only partially visible mainly in narrow screens.
  • Resolved an issue where chat notifications could erroneously be heard when leaving the room.
  • Resolved an issue where HD camera resolution was not set correctly when it was selected for second camera sharing.
  • Browser-App: Resolved an issue with Firefox 116+ where audio output would not be heard.
  • Browser-App: Resolved an issue with Firefox where a very small window size would cause camera capturing to stop working.
  • Windows-App: When sharing Windows Explorer, alfaview no longer automatically shares application sound to avoid sharing unwanted sounds from other applications.
Version 9.0.3
  • New features & improvements:
    With alfaview 9, we’re fully committed to accessibility, inclusion, and providing support for screen readers. We’ve introduced a host of new features and improvements in alfaview 9 with the aim of fulfilling our promise to you: a video conferencing platform that is accessible to everyone and fosters an inclusive environment for all. Our goal is to eliminate barriers and provide a comprehensive user experience.
    • Support for screen readers: To ensure accessibility, we’ve incorporated robust support for screen reader applications into our desktop and mobile apps. If you rely on screen readers, you can now easily navigate through alfaview, participate in meetings, and receive voice notifications about events during the meeting.
    • Keyboard navigation: We’ve made extensive provisions for keyboard navigation in alfaview. With keyboard navigation, you can swiftly move around in alfaview using just a keyboard, making alfaview even more accessible for those who cannot (or prefer not) to use a mouse.
    • Improved contrast & universal design: We’ve made key optimizations to our light and dark display variants and introduced a high-contrast design to enhance text readability and control recognition. We’ve also adjusted the font size scaling, so you can resize the text according to your preference.
    • Keyboard shortcuts: We’ve integrated user-friendly keyboard shortcuts to speed up your interactions with alfaview. These shortcuts speed-up navigation and give quick access to controls. Comprehensive documentation is also available right in the alfaview desktop application.
    • Welcome screen: We’ve designed a new welcome screen to make onboarding easier for new users. You can now familiarize yourself with alfaview and configure accessibility settings even before entering an alfaview room.
    • Performance improvements and bug fixes: We’ve implemented a series of improvements to reduce alfaview’s resource consumption. We’ve also fixed minor bugs and issues to ensure you have the best user experience.
    • And more: We’ve revamped the design of the alfaview user interface, improved the screen content sharing menu and secondary camera support, added full support for tooltips, and optimized the design of the waiting room.
  • Sneak peek at upcoming features:
    In addition to these updates, we are excited to offer a first look at some features that are currently in an early stage of development and can be tested through the feature preview.
    • Screen sharing with sound for macOS: You can also broadcast the sound output of the selected application. (macOS 13+)
    • Miniature representation of alfaview: When the alfaview window is minimized, the speaker, participants and some basic functions are displayed in a small window.
    • Smart window management: alfaview will be automatically minimized during screen sharing if you are sharing the screen which alfaview is running on. This makes window management easier when working with only one screen.
    • Confetti effects: Confetti effects can be used by moderators to give gamified reactions during the meeting. To see and control reactions, this feature must be enabled.
    • Highlight microphone when speaking: The microphone icon pulses when the microphone detects noise or speech, providing cues about any background noise.
    • Color coding of users: When using the search function, participants in alfaview are randomly color-coded for easier recognition.
    • Show me first in the speaker view: In the speaker view, you see your own video image in the first position of the participant videos.
Version 8.72.0
  • Improved performance, usability, and stability.
Version 8.71.0
  • The web client is now able to share its own tab in Chrome, Edge and other Chromium-based browsers.
  • Granting permissions to use the microphone in Chrome, Edge and other Chromium-based browsers does not deactivate the microphone anymore.
  • Improved performance, usability, and stability.
Version 8.70.0
  • A new stronger blur value is now available in the blur surroundings list on the browser app.
  • We fixed an issue with sharing the tooltips of some applications.
  • Improved performance, usability, and stability.
Version 8.69.2
  • We fixed an issue which sometimes caused media shares from browser app users to fail to start.
  • The transcription settings for moderators are no longer shown in breakout groups.
  • We fixed an issue where the participants count indicator was not visible to users coming from the waiting room.
Version 8.69.1
  • The Ukrainian language is now available for live transcription and translation.
  • Your last used e-mail address is now saved and pre-filled in the login view when your authentication has expired.
  • On the browser app “Blur surroundings” is now available.
  • Improved performance, usability, and stability.
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