Karlsruhe, 06 May 2022

alfaview is certified according to ISO 27001

alfaview is certified according to ISO 27001

The certifying body TÜV Hessen confirms alfaview's responsible handling of information and its high level of security and quality of business processes in accordance with international standards.

DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 is currently the leading international standard for information security management systems. Its main focus is the identification, analysis and regulation of potential IT security risks: In order to guarantee the protection of data and the security of information, certified companies must implement appropriate security mechanisms.

In order to adequately protect confidential information such as customer data, alfaview has developed a highly effective information management system; the quality and efficiency of which has now also been externally certified: After a thorough audit, TÜV Hessen confirmed that the relevant company processes meet the highest security standards and all requirements of ISO 27001.

This certification affirms the guidelines and principles of the entire company: the protection and security of all data and processes is a top priority at alfaview in every respect.

For more information on alfaview®: www.alfaview.com.

The alfaview® team is available for consultation on a customised alfaview® solution at +49 721 35450-450 or info@alfaview.com.


Press release: alfaview is certified according to ISO 27001
06 May 2022
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