Karlsruhe, 22 February 2021

Berlin data protection authority awards alfaview® with four green traffic lights

alfaview wird von Berliner Datenschutzbehörde mit vier grünen Ampeln ausgezeichnet
20, 50, 100, 200 or more participants at the same time – alfaview® stays lip-synchronous and delivers video and sound in high quality, stably and without interruptions, 24/7.
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Due to the continuing high interest, the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Commissioner of the State of Berlin has re-evaluated various video conferencing solutions. The results have now been published: as one of few providers, alfaview receives the maximum of four green lights, both on the legal and on the technical level. No deficiencies were identified in the assessment of legal compliance.

Furthermore, alfaview® stands out in the category “place of data processing”. By exclusively using ISO 27001-certified data centres with registered offices in Germany and the European Union (GDPR area), alfaview® was recognised as a service, where personal data remain in the European Union. The data are encrypted according to current standards (TLS/AES256); audio and video streams are neither stored nor transferred.

Unlike other evaluated videoconferencing systems, such as Jitsi Meet or BigBlueButton, alfaview® is not a WebRTC application, but a performant proprietary app.

Our app enables simultaneous, audiovisual, lip-synchronous, high quality and stable communication for 50, 100 or 200+ participants. The spectator mode allows up to 500 participants. Feel free to watch the demonstration videos on our website.

The app’s unique characteristics and features can also be found in the feature overview on our website.

We will gladly demonstrate our GDPR-compliant product to you. Please contact us at +49 721 35450 450 or by email at info@alfaview.com.

The results of the evaluation by the Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information of the State of Berlin, including the four green lights for alfaview®, can be found here.


Press release: Berlin data protection authority awards alfaview® with four green traffic lights
22 February 2021
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