Karlsruhe, 30 October 2020

Overcoming language barriers with alfaview®

alfaview® has a new feature: the simultaneous interpreting feature.

Zu sehen ist die Simultandolmetscherfunktion in alfaview
Simultaneous interpreting feature in alfaview®
alfaview® stands for successful, barrier-free, digital communication. This of course also includes language barriers, which alfaview® helps to overcome. With the live transcription and live translation into almost all languages of the world, people from different countries of origin have already been able to take part in virtual meetings in their mother tongue.

With the current version, a simultaneous interpreting feature is now available as well. This means that the alfaview® meeting can be interpreted by any number of simultaneous interpreters into any language in the world, thus reaching a much larger target audience. Participants can decide for themselves whether they prefer to listen to the original sound or the translation. The interpreters can choose whether to interpret directly from the original language or in relay.

For further information, please contact the alfaview® team by phone under +49 721 35450-450 or via mail under info@alfaview.com


Press release: Overcoming language barriers with alfaview®
30 October 2020
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Image: Simultaneous interpreting feature in alfaview®
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