Karlsruhe, 20 May 2021

Short messages in alfaview®

The new alfaview® version offers a new feature

Titelbild Pressemeldung Kurznachricht versenden. Zu sehen ist ein Screenshot der Funktion "Kurznachricht"
Image title: The current alfaview® version allows users to send private short messages ©alfaview gmbh
Communicating with alfaview® is now even more convenient: With its current version, the video conferencing platform allows users to send private short messages to each other. Depending on whether the user has participant, moderator or admin rights, direct messages can be sent to other users within the alfaview®-room, a subgroup or an entire alfaview®-room, even without the user being present there.

The new feature can be used in a variety of scenarios: In teaching situations, participants can send a request to speak or a question directly to the teacher. If necessary, the teacher can deactivate the function for certain participants. At events, hosts in spectator mode can send direct technical or organisational messages to visitors, such as advising them to switch off their microphones during a presentation. At trade fairs, contact details can be exchanged confidentially or networking arrangements can be made for after the event.

You can find a detailed video tutorial on how to use the new feature here.

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Press release: Short messages in alfaview®
20 May 2021
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Image: The current alfaview® version allows users to send private short messages
Source: alfaview gmbh
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